Image by Sidney ‘21

Hello again fellow mathematics enthusiasts!

I’m very excited to be your teacher for MultiV this year, after having so much fun in PCHA two years ago!

We will cover the standard topics that you will find in a college-level second year calculus course. Basically we’ll be taking everything that you’ve learned about calculus into higher dimensions. We will also continue to learn more linear algebra, which is a very useful tool in mathematics that has applications in computer graphics, statistics, and machine learning. We will also take a first look at differential equations, and in particular how they can help us understand population growth models related to disease epidemics.

Dr. Kessner

Here’s a fun quote from an article “Calculus Is Good for You” that appeared in Scientific American in 1871 (150 years ago!).

It is admitted by all metaphysicians and educators that the calculus brings into play more faculties of the mind than any other branch of learning. Recognizing this fact, professors should consider their institution a mental gymnasium, which gives the mind exercise that enables it to perform its highest destiny. Herein is the value of solving problems in the calculus, and indeed of all other branches of pure mathematics—that by dealing in abstract ideas, they prepare the mind to apply itself vigorously to profound or complicated subjects connected with the realities of life.”